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6th Annual Night of Hope 6


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In the state of Arizona, we urge our residents, churches, and schools to work together to eliminate trafficking from our community and support the efforts of front-line organizations and law enforcement in their battle against human trafficking.

What does it mean to Take the Pledge?

Support those who fight against human trafficking. Commit to becoming more informed. Help raise awareness in your community to protect the vulnerable. Join the effort to recover and restore victims through volunteering, donating or educating others.



WHEREAS, human trafficking is a global plague that impacts millions of people each year, including tens of thousands of Americans; and

WHEREAS, the United States ranks as one of the worst countries globally for human trafficking; and

WHEREAS, Arizona ranks in the top 15 states with the highest rates of human trafficking per capita; and

WHEREAS, human trafficking impacts people across all demographics and ages, including teenagers and children; and

WHEREAS, the battle against human trafficking includes supporting efforts in schools, churches, non-profits, law enforcement, and businesses to prevent human trafficking; intervene, disrupt, and dismantle human trafficking syndicates; and provide resources to and support for victims of human trafficking.

WHEREAS, the cities of the greater Phoenix area joins schools, churches, non-profit organizations, law enforcement, and federal and state coalitions in our commitment to increase public awareness of the human trafficking epidemic that impacts our community, state, nation, and world.

NOW THEREFORE I, __(name)__, __(title)__ of the _(city/town) _, do hereby proclaim the month of January as:


In the greater Phoenix area, Arizona and urge our residents, churches, schools to work together to eliminate trafficking from our community and support the efforts of front-line organizations and law enforcement in their battle against human trafficking.

I commit to learning more about how Human Trafficking has been prevalent in my city and state by partnering with law enforcement and obtaining the statistics that affect me. I will advance policies and initiatives that end human trafficking in my city and state. I stand and support the fight to end human trafficking and say, “Not In Our City”!


City Representatives Contact Us


What does it mean to Take The Pledge?

By taking the pledge, you’re declaring your commitment to join the fight against Human Trafficking in Arizona and beyond.

  1. Complete this form to let us know you’ve taken the pledge.
  2. Tell your friends and family.
  3. Join us at Night of Hope 6.
  4. Contribute financially towards the fight against Human Trafficking locally.

Take a Stand.
Take the Pledge.

I support those who fight against Human Trafficking and protect the vulnerable. I commit to be more informed, and I will help raise awareness in my community. Please join me in the effort to prevent Human Trafficking, and recover and restore victims by educating others, volunteering, or donating.

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Night of Hope 6 
Grand Canyon University Arena
Sunday, February 18, 2024
5:00 PM

...He said he loved her. So, she ran away with him.

Once isolated from family and friends, the relationship became abusive. Amy was raped and became pregnant. When she turned 18, her boyfriend turned “business manager” gave her an ultimatum: sell her body or he would sell the baby.


moved in with his grandmother after his mother died. Struggling to adjust to a new high school, he spent most of his time in chat rooms. After several lonely months, he got a direct message from an online friend inviting him to a party. Javier went to the party, and without question, accepted the drink he was handed. Sometime later, he woke, disorientated and surrounded by unknown men. One of the men held Javier’s phone and a gun. He pulled up a picture of Javier’s grandmother, and waved the gun at the photo, saying if Javier didn’t do what he was told, they would kill her.
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