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6th Annual Night of Hope 6

Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking Create a Fundraiser

Social media has been used by perpetrators to demoralize, exploit and sell victims, but you have the power to turn the tables. Use your voice and social media platforms to educate people in your network and community about the dangers and prevalence of Human Trafficking. Financial contributions are crucial for funding rescue operations, victim support, advocacy efforts, and awareness campaigns. By creating a fundraiser, you can assist font-line organizations and provide them with necessary resources to deter trafficking and heal survivors.

Recover and Restore People

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the darkness of Human Trafficking, we have some good news. The very tools traffickers use to exploit people can actually be used to aid in the rescue effort. By creating an online fundraiser, you have the power to ignite change in your community.

Use your social media to raise financial support for non-profit programs and initiatives aimed at preventing trafficking, especially among vulnerable populations like migrants, runaways, and at-risk youth. Help provide support for survivors through organizations that offer shelter, emotional support, counseling services, remediation and job skills. Together, we can recover and restore people.


Starting a fundraiser is easy

Celebrate Your Birthday by Blessing Others

It's your birthday, but YOU are the gift! Start a fundraiser to bless others.
It's simple! Set a goal and add a photo. Tell the world what you’re doing, and why it matters.

Spread the word

Share the fundraiser with your family, friends and coworkers. Encourage them to do the same!

See your impact

Get updates on your progress. YOU make a greater impact than you can possibly imagine!

What will you do to prevent Human Trafficking?

You may be thinking, "Human Trafficking here? Not In My City!"

But the truth is, yes, it is happening here. It is happening now.

Become more informed. Help raise awareness in your community to protect the vulnerable.

Join the effort to recover and restore victims, by starting a fundraiser to financially support those who fight against human trafficking. Take a stand, so you can say, "Not In My City!"

Use your social media to fight Human Trafficking.

Other Ways You Can Help Fight Against Human Trafficking


Partner with local organizations who are taking a stand against Human Trafficking in Arizona.

Make A Donation

Help prevent trafficking through education, and provide resources to rehabilitate survivors. Make a donation.


What does it mean to Take The Pledge?

By taking the pledge, you’re declaring your commitment to join the fight against Human Trafficking in Arizona and beyond.

  1. Complete this form to let us know you’ve taken the pledge.
  2. Tell your friends and family.
  3. Join us at Night of Hope 6.
  4. Contribute financially towards the fight against Human Trafficking locally.

Take a Stand.
Take the Pledge.

I support those who fight against Human Trafficking and protect the vulnerable. I commit to be more informed, and I will help raise awareness in my community. Please join me in the effort to prevent Human Trafficking, and recover and restore victims by educating others, volunteering, or donating.

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Night of Hope 6 
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...He said he loved her. So, she ran away with him.

Once isolated from family and friends, the relationship became abusive. Amy was raped and became pregnant. When she turned 18, her boyfriend turned “business manager” gave her an ultimatum: sell her body or he would sell the baby.


moved in with his grandmother after his mother died. Struggling to adjust to a new high school, he spent most of his time in chat rooms. After several lonely months, he got a direct message from an online friend inviting him to a party. Javier went to the party, and without question, accepted the drink he was handed. Sometime later, he woke, disorientated and surrounded by unknown men. One of the men held Javier’s phone and a gun. He pulled up a picture of Javier’s grandmother, and waved the gun at the photo, saying if Javier didn’t do what he was told, they would kill her.
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